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Been buying Purdue for 35 years and only in the past 8 or 10 years have they gotten huge and tougher and tougher. It is like they are processing dead rigamortis-set-in-already chickens.

I read about the "woody" chicken breasts and how they don't know why it is happening. Then in the other breath they say it's harmless. How could they know it's harmless if they don't know what causes it? I'm so sick of this and am now on the brink of boycotting chicken altogether.

In one large pack of chicken there were 3 huge breasts and one smaller that were all unusable.

I filet my own breasts so I can feel it immediately. Also color is off on a lot of them. I might as well by supermarket brand breasts.

See photo of size relation in one package. Chickens used to be no more than 3 pounds, now one half of a breast is almost 2.

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I refuse to buy or eat chicken. The white stripes are now appearing in thighs too.


I experienced this weird tough texture to my Perdue chicken breasts. I like to think I'm a good cook and thought it was my fault. Now I know others are experiencing the same thing.


It's those insane Frankenstein chickens they breed now. Look it up ; see what the average chicken / hen shape and size has become since our childhoods. You will be horrified.


totally agree...stopped buying chicken for this very reason...it has NO flavor and no matter how I prepared it...tasted like nothing, dry and tough...I am a great cook...its the product that sucks

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